Ikusten-Ikasten. Hezkuntza eta ikus-entzunezko narrazioak = Ikusten-Ikasten. Narraciones visuales y educación

2014-05-20 / 2014-05-23 Sukaldea < Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Ikusten-Ikasten. Hezkuntza eta ikus-entzunezko narrazioak = Ikusten-Ikasten. Narraciones visuales y educación

Audiovisual narrations and education

In recent decades concepts such as the information society, networks and the globalised world of visual culture have been frameworks society and schools have been immersed in. The development of new technologies, so-called ICT, and the influence of audiovisual media and the internet generate a potential framework where a critical view and use of technological media can be generated from education. Using the Tabakalera setting as a place of reflection, research and work with the new forms of creation and education, this meeting is intended as a space where these concerns can be shared between teachers, educators and other professionals and creators interested in the educational and critical potential of video and new technologies.

These programmes are designed as a meeting/workshop for sharing, showing and developing educational strategies and projects related to audiovisual narratives and new technologies with a wide range of professionals from the fields of education, educative video and "educommunication". Our aim is that they will be a place of reflection which could lead to a workgroup in this sector.

That's why we've designed programmes that will last 4 days:

Programme of IKUSTEN-IKASTEN meetings

20 May, 16:30-19:30 - Presentation of experiences.

Group of pupils from the Arizmendi Ikastola. Nerea de Diego, member of the Asociación Bitartean, will present project VACA. The Ikertze association will describe the details of their cinema project. Mikel Mendizabel, teacher at Lauaizeta school will present the projects he developed with his pupils.

21 May, 16:30-19:30 - Presentation of experiences.

Members of the Ubiqa association will discuss their project Identibuzz. The group Komunikatuz will present their community communication project. Members of the Surfrider Foundation will discuss environmental educational projects.

22 and 23 May

Workshops with Teleduca and Mobiolak

23 May, 20:00

Open air projection (free entry until capacity is reached):

“Documental de poble” (2014) documentary made in collaboration with the inhabitants of Mediona (Barcelona), Teleduca.


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Documentary, Encounter, Education, Audiovisual, Ikusten-ikasten


  •  Entrevista a los participantes
  •  Entrevista a Mobiolak

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