Kontatzen ibiltzea = Andar contando = Talk while walking

Kontatzen ibiltzea = Andar contando = Talk while walking

Image: Dancer with a Tambourine X-radiograph © Fitzwilliam Museum

'Talk while walking' will be the second work group of The Great Conversation.

Many schools and philosophical circles use walking as a method of encouraging and intensifying reasoning (during the walk). It therefore comes as no surprise that walking is viewed as the quintessential free activity. Walking, however, is also a way of making the body seen; of identifying the human condition by means of a gesture and a method of representation in the form of keeping oneself upright atop two feet. In his Theory of Walking, the writer Honoré de Balzac posed questions which, strange though they might seem, are at the basis of all forms of exercise: “Isn't is really quite extraordinary to see that, since man took his first step, no one has asked himself why he walks, how he walks, if he has ever walked, if he could walk better, what he achieves in walking ... questions that are tied to all the philosophical, psychological and political systems which preoccupy the world?”


  • María Belmonte: Por los viejos caminos de la costa vasca

  • Gerard Horta: Cuerpo físico, cuerpo social: dos cuerpos y algunos espectros

  • Itziar Okariz: I never said umbrella

  • Luis de la Cruz Salanova: Running y otras cosas que no tienen que ver con correr ¿dónde nos sitúa el deporte como individuos y como colectivo?

  • Julio Villar: Viajar a pie

Organizer : Tabakalera - Proiektu artistikoak

Protagonists : Julio Villar, Luis de Cruz Salanova, Itziar Okariz, Gerard Horta, María Belmonte Barrenetxea

Tags : Lecture, Hizketaldi handia, Ariketak



  •  Cuerpo físico, cuerpo social : dos cuerpos y algunos espectros
  •  I never said umbrella