El pacto de Adriana

El pacto de Adriana

Dialogues with the Human Rights Film Festival

The 16th Human Rights Film Festival will be held from April 20th to 27th in San Sebastián. We will screen two first-person documentaries in the Tabakalera cinema which maintain a dialogue with the festival. These are two works of historical memory and a journey through two difficult periods for civil and human rights: racism in southern USA in the late-1940s, and the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. Both films consider a difficult question: What happens when ‘the beast’ forms part of our own family, and how do we face darkness and reject what is most familiar?


El Pacto de Adriana, Lissette Orozco, Chile, 2017, 96m, DCP,  OV Spanish

“As a child I had an idol: my Aunt Adriana. In 2007 she was arrested, and that was when I realised that in her youth she had worked for DINA, Pinochet’s secret police. Some time later, after democracy came to the country, she fled to Australia while facing legal proceedings for the assassination of an important communist leader. Today my aunt is living through a nightmare. Chileans living in Australia demand her extradition and protest against her.

World premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival – Peace Film Award (2017)

Guadalajara International Film Festival - Special Jury Prize (2017)

Toulouse Latin America Film Festival - SIGNIS Prize (2017)

BAFICI - Special Mention by the Jury (2017)