Txirin-gailua : lanketa eta muntaia

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Txirin-gailua : lanketa eta muntaia

Txirin-gailua is a tool, designed and created collectively, for cultural activities in public spaces.

The intention is to activate public space, to encourage collective processes and cultural practices.

Txirin-gailua is for public use, so it's available to any person or group who wants to run a workshop, projection, meeting or any other cultural event.

The cultural space Txondorra, which considers Txirin-gailua as a mobile cultural activity service, will be responsible for managing it. Nevertheless, the maintenance and care of the device will be the responsibility of everyone who uses it.

The people of Egia, the collective M-etxea and the Tabakalera team participated in the design and construction process with the collaboration of Hirikilabs. To learn more about the process: www.tabakalera.eu


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Tabakalera, DIY, M-etxea, Open design, Assembly, Egia, Txirin-gailua, DIWO, Public space, Mobile device, Teamwork



  •  Egia bizirik aldizkarian Txirin-gailuaren muntaiaren artikulua
  •  2014 Julio - Agosto programa

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