Lorategi inbaditzailea = El jardín invasor = The Invasive Garden

Lorategi inbaditzailea = El jardín invasor = The Invasive Garden

The Invasive Garden is an essay, through art, about the construction of a botanical garden of invasive plants.

It is a wild garden, in the sense that it is driven by a spirit that goes against the principles of containing life and controlling shapes that have characterised gardening, and a paradoxical garden, in that it is made up of disregarded, persecuted species. Strange plants that come from other lands, even though they have lived here for some time; flora that is considered invasive due to its expansive capacity, because it prospers with speed and determination, rivalling with local species.

The Invasive Garden practices the poetics and methods of botany and gardening, to test the limits we impose on the natural progression of our landscapes and on the definitions of what is our own and what is foreign in the territory we inhabit.

This project by Alberto López and Manuel Prados has been carried out within the framework of Residency on Earth, an initiative by the Cristina Enea Foundation and Tabakalera, and takes the shape of a garden located in the Viveros de Ulia Park and an exhibition in the Environmental Resource Centre of Cristina Enea which can be visited until 15 July.

May 26. The Invasive Garden inauguration in Ulia.

May 27. The Invasive Garden exhibition inauguration in Cristina Enea.