Vers Mathilde

Vers Mathilde

A film by Claire Denis and Mathilde Monnier.

Vers Mathilde, Claire Denis & Mathilde Monnier, France, 2004, 84' 35mm OV FR, Sub ES

This film is a story of encounter and exchange, encounter and fusion of two arts, cinema and dance, and especially of two women, Claire Denis and Mathilde Monnier, who in their common way of apprehending the Body, to magnify its movements and to return it to the center of the world are alike.

At the heart of the film, a gesture of filmmaker, catch the work being done, the movement of Mathilde’s thought, her thought of dance, body, group.

In order to grasp what happens when the body goes to work, beyond the issue of the show, at the time of writing, of elaboration. And when you do not expect, film gestures also on the edge of dance, in its borders, in the interstices it opens on life, through meetings.

This film is a story of trust. Mathilde's confidence. And the film tried to catch the work being done, the movement of thought Mathilde, the thought of dance, the body, the group, that is to say the staging.


Claire Denis