Hugo Ball : Hugo, nor dada Emmy?

Hugo Ball : Hugo, nor dada Emmy?

A performance by Metrokoadroka.

Oier Guillan and the collective Metrokoadroka will perform the performance Hugo, nor dada Emmy? at the proposal of Tabakalera and within the program "Políticas del humo".
The performance is based on the conference that Hugo Ball offered in 1917 to talk about Kandinsky. On this conceptual platform, the focus will be on the creators of Cabaret Voltaire until the following question is posed in a physical way: Hugo, nor dada Emmy? (Hugo, who is Emmy?)

Title: An scenic question found between lines in the talk about Kandinsky by Hugo Ball: Hugo, nor dada Emmy?

Creators: Metrokoadroka

Participants:  Idoia Beratarbide, Iraia Elias, Javier Fernandez “Jabitxin”, Oier Guillan.

Lights: Miriam Ubanet.

A proposal made by: Tabakalera.