Hirikilabs : lantaldeak = Hirikilabs : grupos de trabajo

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Hirikilabs : lantaldeak = Hirikilabs : grupos de trabajo

They are task forces that respond to the institution's need to initiate certain lines of research regarding specific subjects in order to generate knowledge, create projects and strengthen the community. The groups, starting with these specific lines of work, connect and mediate with the external reality with the aim of identifying requirements and cultural agents linked to the community. Workgroups will generate

knowledge and put together a related programme of activities, while also suggesting projects. The groups will be able to evaluate the progress of the Hirikilabs and suggest changes.

The Hirikilabs workgroups are the framework for ideas and focus on free culture, new hardware and bit artisans and learning.

Since its launch at the end of June 2013, the development of the space and the Hirikilabs project has gone through two phases: the first phase from June to September involved the collaborative design and construction of the space and equipment. The furniture, as well as the equipment and machinery to be used, were designed at workshops. In the second phase, which ran until the end of the year, four workgroups were created focussing on open-source coding culture, digital artisans - makers, bit artisans - hackers and network learning with the aim of stimulating reflection, connecting with cultural agents and defining activities in the space while creating and generating a community.

Workgroup: Culture as a common resource

Workgroup coordinated by María PTQK for research of free or open-source culture.

Workgroup: New artisans

Workgroup coordinated by Karlos G. Libeal and Paola Guimarans to encourage the work of people who make things that can be played using technology.

Workgroup: Expanded learning

Workgroup coordinated by Txelu Balboa with the aim of opening up and exploring learning spaces.

Workgroup: Creative code

This workgroup, coordinated by Karlos G. Liberal and Paola Guimarans, aims to encourage the work of people working in the world of programming and computer code.

Guests: Parte-hartzaileak:  Rosa Fernández, Marc Badal, Laura Berro, Leire Ziluaga, Ruth Pérez, Raquel Ares, Iñaki Albistur, Silvia Vaqueriza, Surfing The Street, Lauren Aliende, Iván Blasco, Mar Delgado, Daniel Artamendi, Patxi Araujo, Enrike Hurtado, Juan José  López, Leire San Martín, Josebe Iturrioz, Sayuri Alvarado, Álvaro E. Olaiz, Aintzane Gamiz, Amaia Otazo, Sabino Ormazabal, Itsaso Olaizola.


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Hirikilabs, New artisans, Working group, Expanded learning, Creative code, Tabakalera - Labs


  • Guía procomunes culturales de Donostia
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  •  Guía procomunes culturales de Donostia
  •  Artisau berriak

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