Tabakalera Dantz Point

Tabakalera Dantz Point

Dantz Point is based on DJ sessions and live performances in the most emblematic and special spaces.

It offers the best artists and venues, and using the latest technology it is capable of transmitting a unique experience to everyone instantly (streaming, social networks, etc.). This project combines art, architecture, nature, tourism, avant-garde, culture, new technologies, historical heritage and many more disciplines from different fields.

On 8 August, the Plaza de las Cigarreras at Tabakalera will host the sessions by DJs Ope Loeb (Donostia) and Marc Piñol (Barcelona):


Ope Loeb

Vinyl records provide Ope Loeb with another way to love electronic music. Her influences are varied and never stop evolving. The rhythm of this creator of exquisite atmospheres grows on the dancefloor, where she leaves all the tags behind and effectively delivers a bass-based selection which understands the space and the people who fills it.

Marc Piñol

A music journalist since 1994 and DJ since 1997, Marc Piñol's professional career has been as chaotic and unlikely as any of the sets that have made him famous in Barcelona. He has written reviews of music, cinema and literature. In addition, he has put his name to masterpieces of minimalist and avant-garde advertising together with Juanjo Sáez, from Círculo Primigenio. Piñol leaves his work as a journalist on one side to play diverse styles of music: electro, techno, drum'n'bass, rock, electronic, etc. In the last three years he has reached the very highest positions in the lists of the best national DJs.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Marc Piñol, Ope Loeb

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