Programa - Analfabeto - Orquestra analfabetoa - Argitalpen analfabetoa = Programa - Analfabeto - Orquestra analfabeta - Publicación analfabeta = Programme - Analphabet - Analphabet orquestra - Analphabet publication

2015-05-16 / 2015-05-17 Sukaldea < Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Programa - Analfabeto - Orquestra analfabetoa - Argitalpen analfabetoa = Programa - Analfabeto - Orquestra analfabeta - Publicación analfabeta = Programme - Analphabet - Analphabet orquestra - Analphabet publication

A proposal by Larraitz Torres. During 2015, in different locations, she will articulate some lectures, a publication and sessions by Analphabet Orquestra. This programme will focus on the book as a genre and reflect on the author’s position (and, by extension, espectator’s), long term projects (results that are shown to be continued) and on the route between different media, relocating, thus, the reference or the subject to reach new places.


May 16

Some lecture and presentations where guests will reflect on the relationship between publication and context. The publication as a tool, as an element that makes visible , transforms and pollutes its own context , among others.

10:30am Introduction. Larraitz Torres
11am-1pm Lecture “Grand Domestic Revolution of Publishing”,  Janine Armin and Yolande van der Heide (Casco).
The Grand Domestic Revolution (2008–present) is a multifaceted ‘living research’  project developed by Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory that explores notions of  the commons and reconsiders approaches to reproductive labor. Inspired by the late nineteenth-century ‘material feminist’ movement in the US that experimented with communal solutions to isolated domestic life and work, GDR began with the rental of an apartment in Utrecht where artists worked and lived. It has since toured the world with its comprehensive library and in being housed and expanded by other spaces.

Using its library and printed matter, Yolande van der Heide will detail projects including Ask! (Actie Schonen Kunsten) and Read-in to consider ‘the social life’ of the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook (2014). Janine Armin will then pick up on notions of DIY and economies based on care in discussing the recent history of Publishing Class, an imprint of DAI Publications and curriculum developed by Casco for the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Arnhem. Recent examples from its ‘Community in Print’ and ‘How to Live Together’ themes will be explored, underscoring how we both speak to and evolve a community by generating publications that push beyond the traditional book. In so doing one can uncover how a publication is a device to make things public, to provide a space of appearance for those you wish to speak to, and, importantly, provide a forum for.

4pm Lecture. Blanca Calvo + Ion Munduate (Mugatxoan)
The project Cuando el cuerpo desaparece (When the body disappears) (2012 – 2013) has several stages and two working areas: self- reflexivity and sound as a dematerialization tool, starting from: How can we be without being? How does performance creates its own speech ? To provide answers to these and other questions Mugatxoan proposed several radio broadcasts, publications and workshops, where the voice was the vehicle that moved them throughout the tour. In the translation of the perception of performance to other meanings, is where we they have found new questions. Now they are presenting three new publications: Papers 0 – 1 – 2

6pm Lecture.  Azucena Vieites.
Starting with her own work and other proposals, Azucena Vieites poses a tour around the idea of publishing at an intersection between the DIY culture, artistic practice and feminist thought.

May 17. 11am-7pm
Larraitz Torres will present  seventh session by Analphabet Orchestra in colaboration with some guests and workshop participants. (Bruch at 2pm). Analphabet Orchestra, are sessions of a group of people dividing their practice in two main situations. One is about talking about artistic processes (first intentions, transformations-if they are-, and results) and the other is playing music. In between and around those two, there is a place of comparisons, analogies and invisible sparkled facts for a common research. ...

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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  •  Entrevista a Yolande Van Der Heide
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