HorKonpon (2015-2016)

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HorKonpon (2015-2016)

HorKonpon is an open workshop that takes as axis the repair and reuse of tools we use in everyday life. It aims to help citizens to be more autonomous (do it yourself) and show that working together is always better (do it together). To do so, Horkonpon brings people of all ages and skills together to foster mutual learning through sharing technical and technological knowledge.

Anyone who is able to fix radios, plugs, toys, zippers or other object is invited to attend HorKonpon. If you can teach something in the field of manual jobs or you are willing to learn how to repair objects, you will be wellcome in our event. At the end of the day, the initiative aims to share as many skills and knowledge as possible related to carpentry, sewing, electricity, mechanics, shoe repair.

http://www.tabakalera.eu/berriak/nik-irratia-konpontzen-lagunduko-dizu ...

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Workshop, Technology, DIY, Teamwork, HorKonpon, Repair


  • Horkonpon (2015-05-31)
  • HorKonpon (2015-07-11)


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