Hirikilabs : lantalde irekiak (2015-2016) = Hirikilabs : grupo de trabajo abierto (2015-2016) = Hirikilabs : open working group (2015-2016)

2015-04-29 / 2016-00-00 Hirikilabs < Suhiltzaileen Egoitza Zaharra < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Hirikilabs : lantalde irekiak (2015-2016) = Hirikilabs : grupo de trabajo abierto (2015-2016) = Hirikilabs : open working group (2015-2016)

They are task forces that respond to the institution's need to initiate certain lines of research regarding specific subjects in order to generate knowledge, create projects and strengthen the community. The groups, starting with these specific lines of work, connect and mediate with the external reality with the aim of identifying requirements and cultural agents linked to the community. Workgroups will generate knowledge and put together a related programme of activities, while also suggesting projects. The groups will be able to evaluate the progress of the Hirikilabs and suggest changes.

Guifi.net mobile node design group
Guifi.net is an initiative to build an open, free, neutral telecommunications network. The group, which will meet at Hirikilabs, will aim to design an open mobile node developed by the Guifinet group in Egia and San Sebastian.

STEAM. Laboratories in the field of education
Science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics
In recent years different teachers and self-managed and self-taught educational centres have created real open labs for students, where the first thing was the development and empowerment of people with technology as a means.

This open group was created to share and make these best practices visible so that they serve as an alternative to all those centres that think about creating a lab linked to developing technological projects.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Hirikilabs, New artisans, Expanded learning, Creative code, Tabakalera - Labs


  • Código creativo : programación de flujos
  • Código creativo : processing


  •  2015 Mayo - Junio programa
  •  2015 Folleto del programa de octubre

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