Thank You for The Music – A Film about Muzak

Thank You for The Music – A Film about Muzak

Mika Taanila

Thank You for The Music – A Film about Muzak

160 million people around the world listen to anonymous background music, i.e. muzak, every day. Muzak is ”scientifically researched” urban background music. It has a schizophrenic function: it is supposed to be unnoticed and as undramatic as possible. At the same time, it should be stimulative enough, to increase the efforts of workers and shoppers. It is meant to be heard, but not listened to. The film resembles muzak in style. It combines and mixes different types of material (film, video, computer animation…) to underline muzak’s Esperanto-like nature. There is no strict storyline; music plays the key role throughout the film. In fact, many scenes are minimalist music videos. Their visual look is true to muzak’s econimical, wryly surrealistic and sterile spirit.


short film, 24 min, colour

Script: Mika Taanila, Anton Nikkilä, 

Cinematography: Jussi Eerola 

Music: Paul Natte Orchestra, Malcolm Carlton Orchestra, Ronnie Price Orchestra, Frank Chacksfield Orchestra, Muzak Corporation, 

Sound design: Pietari Koskinen 

Production: For Real Productions / Lasse Saarinen

Original format: 16 mm