Laura Huertas Millán. Film laburrak = Laura Huertas Millán. Short films

Laura Huertas Millán. Film laburrak = Laura Huertas Millán. Short films

Image: Sol negro, Laura Huertas Millán

Presentation and Q&A: Laura Huertas Millán

Jeny303, Laura Huertas Millán, France-Colonbia, 2018, 6'

Born out of an “objective hazard” (a 16mm roll where two different subjects were imprinted by mistake), jeny303 is a composite work intertwining two portraits. On the hand there is jeny, the feminine alter ego of a transgender millennial dealing with a heroine addiction. On the other hand there is the 303 building, an iconic modernist architecture in a public university in Bogota (Colombia). The images of the body and the edifice interlace and depict jeny303, a character on the threshold of a transformation to come.

El Laberinto, Laura Huertas Millán, France-Colonbia, 2018, 21'  

A voyage into the labyrinthic memories of a Uitoto man, who worked for the drug Lords in the Colombian Amazon back in the 80s. Following his path between the forest and the ruin of a Narco´s mansion imitating the Carrington mansion in the soap opera Dynasty, the film unfolds the hallucinatory account of a near-death experience.


Sol negro, Laura Huertas Millán,France-Colonbia, 2016, 43'

“The title (“Black Sun”) is as evocative of solar eclipse as it is of the “dark spleen” which doctors, all through Antiquity, used to attribute to melancholic and suicidal drives, especially as they affected artists. Here such drives end up striking the existence of Antonia, an opera singer whose dark beauty brings light to the film. Through discreet and elliptical staging, Laura Huertas Millán presents Antonia’s multi-faceted character.