Victoria Ascaso : go go dopamine!!

Victoria Ascaso : go go dopamine!!

"Go go dopamine!!" by Victoria Ascaso is one of the five artworks created for Hyperconectadxs.


"Go go dopamine", Victoria Ascaso:

Since the lockdown began, I have barely interacted with people in the flesh. All my social life now takes place on my mobile. Not that it wasn’t the base of operations for all my relationships before ... but now it’s certainly different. Everything happens in it and everything that happens is managed by it.

In this virtual world, reality continues to function as it did before. Of course, the global drama appears over and over again on your screen, but here everything is normal, as always (I would even say that now everything works faster, more smoothly and without interruptions). Using my mobile makes me feel strangely safe, as if it were a ground connection for life.

Today it is our main source of stimuli and we have a hard time taking our eyes and hands away from it because we always want more. It is our mirror, our window to the outside world and perhaps even a direct portal to our subconscious. How can we detach ourselves from it when it means so much?

For seven days you will be able to watch my virtual life, live, through the screen of my mobile. It is something else to stream during the quarantine, and an opportunity to leave your mobile in flight mode and experience reality from my device.