An audiviosual instalation by Quadrature

Focusing on satellites, that look down on us, the installation combines speculative images with authentic signals of those highly equipped observers. Calculating their positions in real-time, the visuals simulate their perspectives from space, serving as placeholders for the unknown data collected. Yet an antenna on the roof of the venue tries to intercept the radio transmissions of these reconnaissance satellites. Listening to those, that watch from above, realities of surveillance intertwine to meditative scenery.

Supraspectives is an audiovisual installation by Quadrature, developed with local (citizen) science and astronomy community and the collaboration of the DIPCs (Donostia International Physics Centre) during an Art-and-Science Residency at the Medialab of Tabakalera.


Project credits:

Quadrature (DE)
Silvia Bonoli (IT)
Raul Angulo (CL)
DIPC - Donostia International Physics Center 
Tabakalera Medialab’s citizen astronomy open group
Tabakalera Medialab