"...ere erera..." esku-hartzea Tabakaleraren fatxadan = Intervención "...ere erera..." en la fachada de Tabakalera = Intervention on the Tabakalera facade of the film "...ere erera..."

Tribute to the San Sebastian artist and film-maker José Antonio Sistiaga

José Antonio Sistiaga (4 May 1932, San Sebastian) is a Basque artist and experimental film-maker, best known for his hand-painted feature film … ere erera baleibu izik subua aruaren … (1968-70).

This is a feature-length film made in 35 mm by José Antonio Sistiaga in the scope format, in colour, and without sound, painted directly onto celluloid, and in which the sun, sand and moisture (elements to which the film is exposed during the process of creation) play a decisive role. Composed of more than 108,000 hand-painted frames, the film revolutionised the concept of painting on celluloid at the time.

Sistiaga also participates in the experimental film exhibition Zin Ex. From abstraction to algorithm in Tabakalera from 11 September to 31 January.