Presentation: Lourdes Herrasti, Paco Etxeberria, Aitor Arregi y Jon Garaño

HANDIA (Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño, 2017, 114')

Winner of 10 Goya Awards in 2018.

After having fought in the First Carlist War, Martín returns to his family village in Gipuzkoa and discovers that his younger brother, Joaquín, is much taller than normal. Convinced that everyone will want to pay to see the tallest man on earth, both brothers embark on a long journey through Europe. A story inspired by real events that shows how ambition, money and fame changes the destiny of the family.

* Presentation: Francisco Etxeberria (Forensic Physician; Aranzadi Science Society), Lourdes Herrasti (Osteoarchaeologist; Aranzadi Science Society) and Jon Garaño and Aitor Arregi (directors of Handia).