Eremuak jardunaldiak 2020 = Jornadas Eremuak 2020 = Eremuak conferences 2020

Eremuak jardunaldiak 2020 = Jornadas Eremuak 2020 = Eremuak conferences 2020

Projects and activities

This year’s conferences look at some of the projects supported through Eremuak. They involve creators whose work has been supported by eremuak's open call for proposals and by its artistic practice grants, as well as participants in the HARRIAK programme run in collaboration with cultural centres in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. We also present no. 7 of the eremuak magazine – which looks at the theme of 'the specific’ – and the artist's notebook. In short, the conferences seek to blend eremuak's work with the diversity of the projects it has supported.

Friday 16 October 


Andoni Iturbe y Joxean Muñoz (Gobierno Vasco) + Tabakalera + José Ramón Amondarain, Aimar Arriola y Maider López (Comisión técnica de eremuak)

17:15 Nora Aurrekoetxea 

17:45 Olatz Otalora

18:15 Vis a Vis, Laura Diez & Amaia Molinet 

18:45 Break

19:00 Teresa Lanceta (virtual presentation)

20:00 Presentation: eremuak#7 magazine + reprint of the aritst’s notebook

On production overdose overproducing or - overproduction material - overproduction, Jon Mikel Euba

20:15 Clara te canta (Concert)


Saturday 17 October

11:00 Ion Munduate 

11:30 Ainize Sarasola 

12:00 Ion Macareno 

12:30 Q & A

13:00 Artiatx [1], Lekua lekutan + Azpi kultur elkartea [1], Atea


17:00 Antonio Menchen 

17:30 Katixa Goldarazena 

18:00 Break

18:30 Miel Oyarzabal 

19:00 Q & A

19:30 Tripak (Performance)

[1] Javier Arbizu, Oihane Iraguen, Irati Urrestarazu

[2] Speakers:  Jon Ander Agirre, Iñigo Benito Molinero, Irati Grostidi. 
Maite Alonso, Fran Fraca and Ane Zaldibar are also members of Azpi Kultur Elkartea.