Nazioarteko egoitza programa (2015-2016) = Programa internacional de residencias (2015-2016)

2015-01-01 / 2017-01-31 Tabakalera < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Nazioarteko egoitza programa (2015-2016) = Programa internacional de residencias (2015-2016)

Starting from the basis that the residences contribute to the professionalization of the artistic sector, this program seeks to provide the most adequate conditions of time and space for agents and projects so that they can develop or start up their projects. This residential program will offer accommodation, a workspace for the residents in which they will be able to opt for technical assistance and also conceptual accompaniment of the project if the resident requires it. They will also have access to funds from the Tabakalera specialized library. 

The space for accommodation, work spaces, technical and human resources of Tabakalera, as well as the office will be located on the same floor. We wanted to put everything on the same floor in order to promote the coexistence of residents, their projects and anyone who is making use of the equipment or going to any activity of the program associated with Sortzaileen Gunea. Our ideal would be that this coexistence is a kind of everyday where there are conversations and exchange of ideas among those who inhabit this plant, looking for a pollination between projects and jobs. 

Each year, three public calls will be published, in which after presenting a project that adapts to the bases we design for each call and within the established deadlines, a mixed committee formed by Tabakalera guests and representatives will select the resident projects. This committee will be named following different criteria according to the experience they have in different fields of creation. 

Among the modalities of residency that we have foreseen are the production of artistic project, audiovisual projects, curating, mediation, digital culture laboratory and one in which a local agent or artist invites a non-local one to develop a project set. These modalities will be alternated in each call. With these calls we fulfill some main objectives of the cultural project of Tabakalera. On the one hand, we would be making our way in the international networks of creation and production of artistic initiatives; and on the other it would be to support those trajectories that need support of various kinds in order to continue advancing towards professionalization. On the other hand, there will be a modality of exchange residences with other residential platforms with which we share philosophy. This typology of residences requires a research and mapping work of residences and initiatives at the international level to establish relations of exchange. Finally, we are also working on how to conduct and host residents by invitation. This resource allows us to reserve residences and resources to invite agents or artists who, for different programming reasons, promote and reinforce the lines of work that are already being implemented in the different exhibitions and activities. This typology of residences allows us to work with those artists and agents that interest us and at the same time, allows us to allocate resources to produce a series of projects a year. - Call for residency for artistic project: This call is intended to offer a residency to artists, national or international, to contribute to the production of artistic projects. In addition, Tabakalera seeks to support the selected projects through an economic contribution that contributes to its final realization. - Residence for curators / as This call is intended to support curators in the development of an exhibition project that will be carried out in the Tabakalera exhibition hall in the fall of 2017.- Call for a residence for local / non-local artist This call is intended to offer a residence for non-local artists / cultural agents that have been proposed by local artists / cultural agents, with the aim of develop a joint project or in collaboration.- Call for residency for the development of an audiovisual project: This call is intended to support artists related to cinematographic and audiovisual practices. Projects can be presented in any of its phases: development of the idea, writing, production, pre / post-production or assembly. The residence, which will last between four and eight weeks, according to the provisions of clause 6, will offer space, context and time for the development of an audiovisual project. A proposal will be selected from among all the projects submitted to the call. The residence may take place during the months of May, June, July; or during the months October, November, December 2016.- Call for residency of artistic research: The Center for Contemporary Culture Tabakalera and San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture (DSS2016EU), have launched a call for residences that aims to support research processes, projects that integrate society and citizenship with contemporary artistic practices. & nbsp; With a duration of one year, this residence offers the space, time and conditions necessary to investigate (including a three-month stay in Tabakalera ) and to develop a program of activities / sessions open throughout 2016. ...

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Creator, Artist's space, International, Residency


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