Nest + Plus

Nest + Plus

Cualquier ventana en la que esté, Magdalena Orellana, Spain, 2020, 11'

Cualquier ventana en la que esté is a tongue twister of what you see from a hotel window, or a party that never happened, or the invitation to film a making of.

A better tomorrow, Haohao Yan, USA, 2018, 7'

A veteran waiting for a reunion with his past lover after twenty years apart comes to acceptance in peace.

The speech, Haohao Yan, USA, 2020, 25'

May 2003, Beijing, China: Under pressure from the WHO, the Chinese government announces that the SARS outbreak is real. The city is closed. Most students have been sent home. During a lockdown inside a private boarding school, three eight-year-old girls have to find a way to make sense of the world.

The long night, Ashmita Guha, India, 2013, 5'

A former lover visits a young woman at her single room living space in a chawl. The woman, her younger brother and the lover negotiate with the space.

Catdog, Ashmita Guha, India, 2020, 21’

A pair of young siblings inhabit a fanciful world of their making, hidden from the eyes of their mother. When she finally catches a glimpse of their world, it faces the threat of crumbling. The two of them can either surrender or resist.