Ikusmira Berriak 2021

Ikusmira Berriak 2021

Image: "A smile is not a paradigm", Magdalena Orellanas

Selection of short films directed by the 2021 residents of Ikusmira Berriak. 


Ya no duermo, Marina Palacio, Spain, 2020, 22’
Miguel and his Uncle Kechus want to shoot a vampire film. In that endeavour to create something together, reality and fiction alternate, in a game which also shows the particular relationship established between boy and adult.


Wandervogel, Mina Fitzpatrick, USA, 2017, 20’
Dan Daily lives in the middle of the Texas desert where, in 2009, he opened a retreat for children who had killed their parents. Wandervogel starts when two documentary-makers arrive at Dailey’s house to shoot a film and find him dead.


A Smile Is Not A Paradigm, Magdalena Orellana, EUA, 2018, 4’ A Smile Is Not A Paradigm is intended to be a portrait of Jimmy the Nose: the "host" of an Italian restaurant in Little Italy-Manhattan famous for having been the cradle of the Italian Mafia in the seventies. A voice alien to the reality of the restaurant will read us the experience of two former customers through their reviews on TripAdvisor.


Con el viento, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Espainia, 2009, 21’

After some time away, Ignacio returns to the family home on the occasion of his mother's death. During the days of mourning they share together, the stillness of the landscape and the difficult communication will measure the distance that separates the man from his own history.


Amaina, Eduardo Crespo, Argentina, 2010, 18’
Two brothers and their dying mother are waiting for the rain to stop. It's already harvest time and the crops are starting to weaken. They have to make a choice: either stay in and look after their mother or go out to work before the water ruins the entire crop. Even if this means leaving their mother in her final moments.