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This seminar was carried out under the umbrella of the Tabakalera-driven Komunikazio-Inkomunikazio initiative, which took the work of Mikel Laboa (1934-2008) as its point of departure. Among others, the nucleus will be the series Lekeitioak that Laboa developed starting in the 1980s, based on which an intersection of various areas of work are proposed. In fact, Lekeitioak are artefacts that transcend the division between popular culture and the avant-garde, revealing formal concerns and long and varied upheavals: different musical traditions and avant-garde literature and art that bring the sound of the word and unexpected effects of the voice to centre stage.

More than half a century has passed since the members of Ez dok Amairu presented their Baga, biga, higa... Sentikaria initiative. The name was chosen by Joxan Artze, who intended to influence the audience’s “sentiment”.

Ezbaikaria is a performance meant more for the ears than the eyes. It is a place for debate and criticism that is about confronting reason with enthusiasm (reasoning). Communication has adopted a sacred status in different spheres. They say that it is the height of exchange between people and communities, the essence of education, and the ideal means of participating in democracy. Even so, communication should not be confused with language. It goes beyond an insatiable thirst for transparency, because there are many things in language that we do not know. So, it is useful to begin by declaring war on the ideas that are always betrayed when listening to a language, because there are few certainties that can be found along the path towards constructing a critical vision.

Ezbaikaria calls for the slippery highways of clear reason to be replaced with doubt-filled trails. It wants to unleash its own war, and listen to the elder’s wisdom, the youth’s rancour, the song’s rhythm, the artist’s abuse, and the donkey’s bray.

Lekeitio and Guernica. Word and sound. Communication and non-communication. Popular and elitist. I and us all. Language's wars are countless. This first edition of Ezbaikaria invites us to immerse ourselves in some of them.

PROGRAMME (7, 8 eta 9 San Telmo Museoa - 10 Tabakalera)

July 7th, Wednesday

18.00-19:00 Conference. Iñaki Segurola eta Beñat Muguruzaren arteko elkarrizketa EUS Quousque Tandem / Sed Quia Sua (Oteiza hil behar izan dugu, bizi zedin euskaratik)

July 8th, Thursday

18.00-18:50 Conference. Marta Boccos García Lekeitio 5. Komunikazio Inkomunikazio. Mikel Laboa (Artista Medikua) EUS
19.00-19:50 Conference (Online guest). Elixabete Ansa Goikoetxea "Garraxia eta kantuaren tarte interstiziala" EUS

July 9th, Friday

18.00-18:50 Conference. Hugo Savino Lenguaje y poética del responder ES
19.00-19:50 Conference. Germán Labrador Los exiliados de la lengua: poesía y guerra ES

July 10th, Saturday

17.00 Conference-Lecture. Olatz Otalora Interpretazioaren aurka EUS
18.00 Conference. Esther Leslie Sound, radio, anti-fascism, nonhuman languages EN
19.00 Concert. Ion Mantzisidor