Immaterial (2021-06-01) = Immaterial (01-06-2021)

Immaterial (2021-06-01) = Immaterial (01-06-2021)

Opening and presentation of the meeting.

- NFTs, crypto art and the blockchain revolution. Dive for cover! -- Xabi Abel - Zeda -- Spanish/Basque

Experimental presentation that will talk about the phenomenon of the NFT or non-fungible token, a non-fungible asset that makes it possible to record items such as works of art or collectible digital pieces in a blockchain. The talk will introduce the phenomenon and its relationship with digital art, the techniques and platforms where it is currently used most and its possible future applications.

- “Inaugural assault” - participatory performance -- Pablo Martínez Garrido -- Spanish

We will get to know the Tabakalera virtual space and will inhabit the centre’s new dimension.