Immaterial (2021-06-02) = Immaterial (02-06-2021)

Immaterial (2021-06-02) = Immaterial (02-06-2021)

- Orákulo - Human virtual codes

Experimental dynamic based on futurologist artificial intelligences.

- IMMATERIAL TV Cycle of online screenings

- Robots that play. Art, artificial intelligence and play -- Mónica Rikić + Luca Carrubba -- Spanish

Can video games help us to think about human relationships from a liberating point of view? Could robots have fun playing video games? Can we imagine new types of social relations based on the use of autonomous machines? The work of new media artist Mónica Rikić is the basis for a reflection on the relationship between robotics, video-gamified reality and the new perception of space and time in the wake of the pandemic. This conversation explores the points of intersection between art, new media and play and the fractures in the artistic process involved. 

- Dematerialisation of our time, work and movement in the digital metaphor. I click my fingers and appear at your side -- Ontologías Feministas + Azahara Cerezo + Liminal Bits -- Spanish

In this conversation we will go through the policies that hide, sweeten and idealise Digital Labour. Like servers burning out of control, instead of resting we will explore the 24/7 loop of cognitive work, virtual personal assistants, data choreography, time shaping, digital nomads and the