Immaterial (2021-06-03) = Immaterial (03-06-2021)

Immaterial (2021-06-03) = Immaterial (03-06-2021)

- Topiak. The future is not what it was. (Presentation) -- Ane Rodriguez + Ane Abarrategi -- Spanish+Basque

Official versions of the future simplify the complex and provide certainties rather than open questions about the possible forces that will shape it. But the narratives of the future that we recount to ourselves can be a barrier to change. Topiak is a speculative group whose purpose is to explore the disruptive and collaborative capacity of different futures; prototype futures to influence the present. In this talk we will learn about the group’s work process and some of the results it has produced.

- Topiak. The future is not what it was. -- Ane Rodriguez + Ane Abarrategi -- Spanish+Basque --Face-to-face workshop in Room Z

In this workshop we want to work with and speculate about other types of story, moving away from linear constructions and dystopian and utopian images. We will imagine broken, imperfect, and mundane futures, where the everyday and the dirty are also present. 

- IMMATERIAL TV. Cycle of online screenings 

- Going beyond bodies and gender in techno-political visibilities -- Ontologías Feministas + Xeito + Blanca Arias

In her Glitch Feminism, Legacy Russell says that “through the digital, we make new worlds and dare to modify ours” and that it is also in the digital where the “the body ‘in glitch’ finds its genesis”, demonstrating how we can use it as a path to follow in this conversation. Together with the artists Blanca Arias and Xeito Fole and guided by Ontologías Feministas, we will explore every possible crevice in order to address a techno-diversity represented in vague, blurred, soft or sharp images and subjects like unexpected failure. If we want to build new technical cosmologies, we need new bodies and individuations that go beyond the codes of the flesh and the socio-cultural machine, a flawed representation of many of our digital metaphors. With a click of our fingers, we materialise and move again.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Protagonists : Ontologías feministas, Ane Rodriguez, Ane Abarrategi Zaitegi, Blanca Arias, Xeito Fole

Tags : Workshop, Projection, Presentation, Feminism, Digital, Online, Programación online, T Game, Immaterial