Meet Me Deep Down In My Dream

Meet Me Deep Down In My Dream

Live music by Eduardo Amado de Oliveira and Ivan Martin Lemiña.

Meet Me Deep Down In My Dream, Daniela Delgado and Marcos García, with live music by Eduardo Amado de Oliveira nad Ivan Martin Lemiña

Meet Me Deep Down In My Dream is the result of a collaboration between Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, Kutxa Kultur Musika, and Tabakalera’s film department.

For the second consecutive year, the project's challenge is based on the collaborative work of EQZE film students and selected Kutxa Kultur Musika band members as they create a brand new piece that combines visual and audio aspects, with its music being performed live during the work's first and only showing. 

This year, the premise began during lockdown. The team put forward the idea when faced with the impossibility of working in the same location collectively and horizontally. Everyone contributed randomly, and nearly blindly, following an epistolary structure that naturally led them to communicate through dreams. The result is an open piece composed of dream, voice, text, and sound fragments collected from questions and answers exchanged between the participants and their environments. This is a live experience, and therefore ephemeral, which invites the audience to actively participate. They are encouraged to fill the silence with their images, and the black screen with their sounds. Meet Me Deep Down In My Dream, is a journey through kaleidoscopic spaces that make a collective encounter possible. It is a cyclical and continuous creative process where this work is nothing more than one of the thousands of possible impressions.