2016-02-20 / 2016-02-20 Cinema < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

Carte blanche: Territorios y Fronteras / Zinebi.

Cartes blanches. Invitation to festivals, critics, artists and international programmers to enable access to our screen and to establish working partnerships and dialogue.

Distantziak, Maddi Barber, Cristina Ezquerra, Aitor Gametxo, Jesús Maria Palacios, 2015, Spain 65', OV with Spanish subtitles. DCP.

Presentation: Vanesa Fernández Guerra.

Territorios y Fronteras. Research on Documentary Filmmaking (TYF) is a project that was launched in the UPV/EHU under Vanesa Fernández Guerra's iniciative and direction and is focused on the reflection and exchange of ideas and experiences on contemporary documentary. Two years ago they started collaborating with the international festival ZINEBI in the ZINERGENTZIAK project. 

Collective film produced by ZINEBI 57 (International Film Festival of Bilbao), an initiative of Territorios y Fronteras: a girl gets lost on the beach and discovers that she is not afraid. Someone follows in the footsteps of a hermit and is isolated from the world in order to discover the world. A young man seeks his identity on the other side of the mirror.


Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Projection, Jesús María Palacios, Cartes blanches, Vanesa Fernández Guerra, Distantziak, Aitor Gametxo, Cristina Ezquerra, Maddi Barber


  •  Distantziak
  •  Entrevista a los directores de la película Distantziak

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