Contemporary dance and sound art performance

ADITU is research that combines dance and sound art in relation to deafness and the use of sign language as an endless source of movements for choreography and also sounds through different technologies and gestures. ADITU approaches the deaf-mute community, lending a voice to those who can barely hear but who know better than anyone how to listen to the body and its movements. ADITU will auscultate the limits of our hearing to offer us the opportunity to enjoy sound and silence through the body.



Artistic direction: Jone San Martin & Mikel R. Nieto
Choreography and lights: Jone San Martin
Sound artist: Mikel R. Nieto
Experimental luthier: Jonathan García Lana / Tunipanea
Performers: Jone Amezaga, Amancio Gonzalez, Iñaki Montero, Ohiana Munduate, Jone San Martín, Kate Strong.
Costume: Mihise

Produced by the Basque Government.
Co-produced by Tabakalera, Goethe Institut & Dance On / DIEHL+RITTER.
Supported by Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea.
Sponsored by Audika