Nest 20 urtemuga. 2. saioa = Nest 20 aniversario. Sesión 2 = Nest 20 anniversary. Session 2

Nest 20 urtemuga. 2. saioa = Nest 20 aniversario. Sesión 2 = Nest 20 anniversary. Session 2

Short films program


Programme of short films as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Zinemaldia section dedicated to film students from international schools. 

Presentation: Marcela Hinojosa and Noemi Cuetos, curators of the programme. 


Les oiseaux-tonerre, Léa Mysius, Francia, 2014, 22’ (La Fémis)

Antonin and Leonor are hunting the lark. He is as submissive as his sister is voracious. One day, a dog attacks them.


Nueva vida, Kiro Russo, Argentina-Bolivia, 2015, 16’ (Universidad del Cine)

Mysteries, worries and dreams of a new life.


Find Fix Finish, Sylvain Cruiziat, Mila Zhluktenko, Alemania, 2017, 20’  (Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film)

"In Afghanistan, I saw a couple making love on a roof": we know very little of the day-to-day work of the pilots carrying out "targeted assassinations" with military drones. Three Americans agreed to testify in voiceover about their experience, which is paradoxically one of intimacy and cruelty, over aerial images that they could have filmed themselves, to "Find, Fix, Finish"


Atención al cliente, Marcos Valín, David Alonso, España, 2007, 8’ (ECAM)

In a cold and hostile future, a little old lady is forced to break the rules in order to get some food for her loyal little dog. Some of the things standing in the way of the elderly woman´s loutish deed include metalic security guards, foulmounthed and compulsive shoppers, and paranoid security measures.


Filipiñana, Rafael Manuel, Reino Unido-Filipinas, 2020, 24’ (The London Film School)

The self-contained cosmos of the golf course reflect societal structures. Although new tee girl Isabel still has to learn the rules, she's already looking for loopholes to subvert the system.