Por primera vez + Ten Minutes Older + Forensickness

Por primera vez + Ten Minutes Older + Forensickness

Image: n Minutes Older

Por primera vez (Octavio Cortázar, Cuba, 1967, 9')

Documentary short film about the experience of a rural community in Cuba, where cinema arrives for the first time, thanks to the mobile cinemas created for this purpose during the Revolution.


Ten Minutes Older (Herz Frank, URSS, 1978, 10')

A short masterpiece with the radical nature of a static shot of the face of a boy, enthralled with a puppet show. We can see the developments in the plot as reflected on his face: fear, happiness, uncertainty, joy… Everything can be contained in a look that gets ten minutes older in the film.


Lur Olaizola presentation of the film seminar. 


Forensickness (Chloé Galibert-Laîné, France-Germany, 2020, 40')

In an attempt to analyse Chris Kennedy's 'Watching the Detectives', a researcher dives into a massive archive of media produced after the Boston attacks. Her online wanderings offer a performative exploration of the history of critical thinking and the ruthless politics of truth production.