and Dan and (when some small metal is spun)

and Dan and (when some small metal is spun)

and Dan and (when some small metal is spun), 2021.
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Dan and (when some small metal is spun) is an online video project by Itziar Barrio involving the creation of a narrative using artificial-intelligent. The resulting grammar is a glitched, a subverted and at times incorrect one. The language of poetry prevails in the final text resisting logic and pointing to new possibilities. The script was generated in collaboration with creative technologist Jared Katzman, by using an algorithm that mimicked an amalgamation of texts across three datasets: a collection of texts from the Cyberfeminism Index; a subset of Poetry books from Project Gutenberg; and a manuscript of poetry from the performer Candystore. Through alternating different prompts to the AI model and putting them in conversation, dominant narratives around labor and bodies become transfixed by the salacious and radical musings of the trained artificial-intelligent model. This unpredictable text has been then interpreted by Candystore — uncertain and vulnerable — while being filmed.


During the 5 days of a work week and during a month, different footage selected for each day of the week will be shown on the Tabakalera website, marking the labor week and revealing the means of production of this project. These videos will be presented as installments, taken over the site, mirroring the aggressive behaviors of internet pop-up windows conducted by unknown algorithms. The final video will be presented on the Tabakalera website once this intervention process has been completed. 


Dan and


when some small metal is spun


The dragon will fire at any moment that
the body is not in a crisis,


And they are not
just a system. They are alive and breathing.



Director and Idea: Itziar Barrio.
Creative technologist: Jared Katzman.
Performer and Poet: Candystore.
Cameras: Erin Smith and Itziar Barrio.
Audio: Erin Smith.
Editor: Itziar Barrio.
Text written and generated in collaboration between Itziar Barrio, Jared Katzman and Candystore using data and a generative large-language Transformer model (GPT-2)
Sustainably created garments by Timothy Westbrook.
Filmed at GUM studios, NYC, September 2021
Produced by Tabakalera
With the collaboration of GUM studios.
Many thanks to: Adonay Bermúdez, Carrie White (GUM studios), Jared Katzman, Candystore, Timothy Westbrook, Zachary Kaplan (Rhizome), Mindy Seu, Kat Mustatea, Sue Huang and C. Finley.

List of videos:

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