Kimuak 2021

Kimuak 2021

Special screening of Kimuak's short films from this catalogue.


AZALETIK AZALERA, Mel Arranz, 2021, 7' 

Between lines and shapes, hands touch; they explore and experience each other, wanting to break down the boundaries between their skin


BERAK BALEKI, Aitor Gametxo, 2021, 17'

Every day, Martin fills the set where he works with excitement. However, in his personal life he feels a great emptiness.


HELTZEAR, Mikel Gurrea, 2021, 18'

San Sebastian, the year 2000, the Basque conflict continues. While writing a letter to her absent brother, Sara, a 15-year-old climber, is training for the most difficult climb of her life.


INNER OUTER SPACE, Laida Lertxundi, 2021, 16'

A brief meditation on the geography of ideas located between interiority and ecology, the individual and the communal. A group of non-professional actors develop a series of sensorial exercises including telepathic conversations, blindfolded walks and plein air drawings in seascapes and mountains of the Basque Country.


RESONANCIAS, Iñigo Aranburu, 2021, 4'

The sounds and voices recorded yesterday are reproduced today in a large sounding boar


TRUMOIAK, Iker Maguregi, 2021, 12'

Two brothers are playing on the beach with firecrackers. They find a caravan that looks abandoned and decide to inspect its interior. The attraction to risk is the basis of their relationship.


UR AZPIAN LORE, Aitor Oñederra, 2021, 14'

I couldn't tell anyone. I was alone.


ZERUA BLU, Lur Olaizola, 2021, 14'

On 24 January 1954, Mamaddi, aged 22, took a boat from Le Havre to New York. But his journey began earlier in the cinema in his village, with images that come out of the screen and never disappear: a beautiful Cadillac, a young woman, the blue sky.