Anarchivo sida

2016-04-15 / 2016-06-26 Exhibition Hall < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Anarchivo sida

The exhibition Anarchivo sida (AIDS Anarchive) is the result of a process of research and production by the collective Equipo re (Aimar Arriola, Nancy Garín and Linda Valdés). It takes cultural production around the AIDS crisis in southern Europe and Latin America as its starting point. The project tackles HIV/AIDS not only as a medical epidemic, but also as a change of visual, affective and economic paradigm in parallel to the consolidation of neo-liberal policies and the globalisation process.

After three years of research and production of materials, Anarchivo sida is presented as an exhibition at Tabakalera with the collaboration of the artist Carme Nogueira designing the show. The exhibition address the classic nature / culture articulation through three issues: the historical trend of dividing humans from animals; the cultural dimension of death; and health, understood as the convention by which some bodies are considered normal and others sick.

Overall, the exhibition feature content from the mid-eighties to the present. It deals with materials that have never been assembled together: artistic productions, photo and video documentation on performances and activist actions, posters and videos of prevention campaigns, press clippings and other materials. Similarly, the exhibition is accompanied by a full programme of activities aimed at different audiences.


With the participation of:

ACT UP (Barcelona & Latino Caucus NY), Águeda Bañón, Miguel Benlloch, CEPS Centro de Educación y Prevención en Salud Social y SIDA - Chile, Francisco Copello, Diego del Pozo Barriuso, Santiago Echeverry, EHGAM - Euskal Herriko Gay-Les Askapen Mugimendua, Pepe Espaliú, Rafael França, Antonio Gagliano, Iñaki Garmendia, La Radical Gai, Las Pekinesas, Las Yeguas del Apocalipsis (Archivo Web D21), LSD, Nicolás Malevé, Pepe Miralles, Guillermo Moscoso, MUMS Movimiento por la Diversidad Sexual - Chile, José Osorio, Daniel Palma, Miguel Parra Urrutia, RQTR, Andrés Senra, The Carrying Society, TV SIDA. 

Exhibition Design:
Carme Nogueira.

Side events:
Miguel Benlloch, Jesús Jeleton, Miren Jaio, Héctor Rey, Susana Talayero, and Maia Villot, Harri Beltza, Consuelo Infante, Josebe Iturrioz, Nagore Iturrioz, Josunene, Las Raras, Aimar Pérez Galí, Christian Rodriguez, Quimera Rosa, ACASGI, Osakidetza, Edurne Epelde, Elena Urko, Hibai Arbide, Juana Balmaseda, Brais Varela, Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario and Nadia Jabr, among others. With the collaboration of the Tabakalera education team. 

Anarchivo sida is a research and production project led by Equipo re, which is presented in an exhibition format and programme of activities, co-produced by Donostia / San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture and Tabakalera, International Contemporary Culture Centre.

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera, San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Exposition, Anarchivo sida, Equipo re


  • The names workshop
  • Meeting with the curators of 'Anarchivo sida'


  •  Montaje de las exposiciones 'Anarchivo sida' y 'The day after'
  •  Imágenes de la exposición de Anarchivo sida

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