Récréations, Claire Simon, France, 1993, 54' + Masterclass with Claire Simon

There is a kind of country, very small, so small that it looks a bit like a stage. It is inhabited two or three times a day by its people. The inhabitants are small in size. If they live by laws, they are always questioning them, and fighting violently about them. This country is called 'The Schoolyard” and its people 'The Children'. When "The Children" go to "The Schoolyard" they discover, experience the "strength of feeling or human servitude", this is called playtime.

Followed by a masterclass with Claire Simon. In frnch with Spanish direct translation.


Claire Simon llega al cine a través del montaje. Récréations and Coûte que coûte released in cinemas and resonated alongside other films as a documentary revolution in French cinema. 

Claire Simon films others as heroes: the children in Récréations; the stressed-out boss in Coûte que coûte; the child thief in Sinon Oui; the incendiary young girl in Ça brûlée; Mimi, in love with women; Nathalie Baye, family planning advisor; Nicole's passion for Reda Kateb in Gare du Nord; Stéphanie selling her charms in Le Bois; the young people storming the fortified castle that is the Femis film school; the young high school students, like Hugo, who mourn the silence of their families; the children of the shopkeeper and mayor of a modern village; and the questions of Yann Andréa, Duras's lover. .. Documentary or fiction, a single question: which is which story?