DSS2016. Inaugurazioa = DSS2016. Inauguración

2015-10-26 / 2016-01-24 Maria Cristina Zubia < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
DSS2016. Inaugurazioa = DSS2016. Inauguración

The main event of the inauguration days took place at the Urumea river. On January 23rd, at 20:00, the Bridge of Coexistence show started. It was designed and developed by creative artist Hansel Cereza. All citizens are invited to gather around the Maria Cristina bridge, so they can enjoy the show and participate in the construction of the bridge. The temporary bridge will display the values, intentions and dreams to be developed throughout the year. The show will be full of light and sound, but the protagonists will be citizens and tradition. The inauguration will reach its peak on January 23rd, Saturday, with the opening ceremony of Donostia 2016. Hansel Cereza designed this event full of symbolism, and the values that shape the capital will be represented there. With the ceremony, the public will become the focus of the action in a collective experience, and their main goal will be to promote culture and dialogue to improve coexistence. On the other hand, there will also be an institutional event in the city: A European commissioner will give a diploma and plaque conferring the title of European Capital of Culture.


Organizer : Oficina de la Capitalidad, San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Inauguration, Kultur hiriburua, Donostiako 2016 Europa Kultur Hiriburua


  • DSS2016. Opening : tie delivery
  • San Sebastian day flag-raising


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