2016-06-01 / 2016-09-18 Kaliningrado < Errusia, Konstantza < Errumania, Athens < Grezia, Copenhagen < Denmark, Las Palmas Kanaria Handikoa < Kanariar Uharteak, Mazedonia

Biziz is the multiple embassy of the Lighthouse of Life and consists of five vehicle convoys led by a bicycle which will cross Europe on other themed routes. The missions are designed to record the continent's diverse lifestyles and will begin their journey from various European cities in mid-2016: Las Palmas, Athens, Copenhagen, Konstanz and Kaliningrad will be the starting points for each trip and are respectively dedicated to arquitecture, gastronomy, biodiversity, communities and sexuality.

Five communicators have been selected through an open call (Aitor Deza Atutxa, Julen Nafarrate Aurrekoetxea, Antxon Arza Martinez, Daniel Burgui Iguzkiza and Rubén Olveira Araujo). Throughout each route, and as a travelling residency, they will produce the story of the different lifestyles and customs of each expedition found along their path, using all the journalistic resources available. Two other communicators (Ilazki Gainza and Nerea Uria) will be editors of these five multimedia blogs, which can be followed online in

The routes that the five expeditions travel along have been designed to include not only the cities associated with the theme of each route, but also the towns that San Sebastian is twinned with towns, the Spanish cities that were candidates for the 2016 European Capital of Culture, plus others that are considered to be role models for mobility and sustainability.

The adventure concluded when the five expeditions arrived in San Sebastian, which is the final destination on their trips, in order to coincide with European Mobility Week. They were welcomed with a party to celebrate the values promoted by the Lighthouse of Life.

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

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  •  Biziz. Viaje piloto a Nantes : San Sebastián-Hendaya
  •  Biziz. Pilot teip to Nantes. Press conference