Fanzinemania! = Fanzinemanía!

2016-10-20 / 2016-10-20 UBIK. Tabakalera Creation Library < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Fanzinemania! = Fanzinemanía!

Image: cc_by Yusuke Umezawa

Masterclass by Manuel Valencia / 2000 Maníacos

How to put together an underground fanzine? To start to savour Horror and Fantasy Film Week, we have organised a masterclass with Manuel Valencia, head of the fanzine 2000 Maniacos.

He will give us hints & tips to help us prepare a publication while the festival is on and submit it at the War of the Fanzines.

Fanzine fans and fantasy and horror film addicts, get ready for the fight! 

Workshop in collaboration with the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. ...

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

Tags : Cinema, Workshop, Fanzine, Beldur, Fantasia, Manuel Valencia


  •  ¡Fanzinemanía!
  •  Entrevista a Manuel Valencia

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