Iturriak = Fuentes

2015-10-28 / 2016-12-31 San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Iturriak = Fuentes

The city offers constant changes that occasionally go unannounced, and others that change our daily lives or how we relate to one another. Every day, a man from Amara goes for a walk, reaches his favourite place and drinks water from the fountain. One Friday, like every other day, he arrives at the fountain but finds it is no longer there. Why did they remove it? Where is it? How many people envisage that same fountain when they imagine the city? How do we construct public space?

Historically, fountains have been a defining element of a city: they are located in the centre so that residents have access to water and they become a meeting place. This project involves installing the city's removed fountains in one single square. A group and catalogue that speaks to the memory and sets out to turn the square into something special through history, memory and reusing urban furniture that has fallen into disuse. Upon seeing a fountain that perhaps we didn't notice was gone, its exact location is brought to mind and we are taken back in time to
when we would enjoy an afternoon snack there together with our grandmother.

There are little stories and memories connected to these urban elements which help to construct a greater tale through individual memory as part of the collective memory. Maider López's interventions reveal imposed contemporary rules that creativity can neutralise, even if just symbolically, in order to create alternatives. It breaks with the motionlessness of things and places, opening up the region to negotiation and
leading the search for new ways of seeing and relating to each other.

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Public art, Maider López, Installation, Fuentes, Pagadi


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  •  Iturriak. Inaugurazioa