Sukaldean sortzaile = Creatividad entre fogones

2016-01-01 / 2016-05-30 Basque Culinary Center < Donostia / San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Sukaldean sortzaile = Creatividad entre fogones

DSS2016EU offers up gastronomy as a means of encouraging health, culture, creativity and passing on the social values that are inherent to the act of cooking. With this goal, a project will be developed with three lines of action: on one hand, spaces will be opened up to young people between 12 and 16 years of age to work on their creativity and reinforce intergenerational ties by transforming their grandmother's recipes; secondly, support will be given to entrepreneurs with new business ideas linked to gastronomy with an artistic and/or cultural component; and lastly, with the goal of collecting and consolidating the contributions of these Basque culinary creators, a documentary and book will be published which will serve to explain, document and communicate the culinary revolution which is alive in the Basque Country.

Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Competition, Gastronomy, Health, Sukaldean sortzaile, Bizitzaren itsasargia



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