2016 Bidea

2016-03-27 / 2016-10-30 Basque Country
2016 Bidea

The popularity and significance of mountaineering in Basque society, as well as its affinity for culture, come together in this project which will cross Gipuzkoa, Biscay, Alava, Navarra and the Northern Basque Country in 32 stages. Alternating between mountain and city and passing through places that are admired for their ecological and artistic value, 2016 Bidea proposes an itinerary of excursions that highlights the link between nature and culture with a programme of activities before, during and after the route. Every Sunday between March and October, hikers will pass the San Sebastian 2016 baton over a course of nearly 600 kilometres that runs across the Basque Country. DSS2016EU GR SAREA will be created in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa as the legacy of the 2016 Bidea project. It will include a network of long hikes to connect the 7 main GR footpaths in the region and allow all of the Protected Natural Spaces in Gipuzkoa to be connected without interruptions. Thanks to the opening of new routes, the natural and cultural legacy will be enriched and healthy living and respect for the environment will be promoted.


Organizer : San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

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