2016 Irakurketak = 2016 Lecturas = 2016 Readings = 2016 Lectures

2016-03-11 / 2016-11-03 San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
2016 Irakurketak = 2016 Lecturas = 2016 Readings = 2016 Lectures

Booksellers, librarians and publishers have recommended books based on the content and themes of the fifteen DSS2016EU projects. The chosen novels, essays, comics, stories and books of poems will make up a unique library whose design gives it more visibility. At participating bookshops and libraries, readers will find an ad hoc display of books. The chosen stories will also inspire activities in the city. An offering for those who know that the most valuable thing in their wallet is a library card, for those who find temptation comes in the form of a bookshop.


Organizer : Red de las Bibliotecas Municipales de San Sebastián, Gremio de libreros de Gipuzkoa

Tags : Encounter, Book, Literature, 2016 Readings


  • Nuestro pueblo : pasado, presente y futuro
  • Ilustración editorial vs. Arte. De lo decorativo a la expresión artística, del anonimato a la vanguardia


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