Prime time

2015-12-01 / 2016-12-31 San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Prime time

DSS2016EU sets itself a challenge: Is it possible to have a space about European culture on primetime TV? An attractive programme for large audiences that addresses the content of the lighthouses or the major contemporary challenges? This project aims to create quality television based on culture and on the values of San Sebastian 2016; to highlight the educational potential of the mass media tool par excellence; and to rethink the public sphere from television.

In a call for audiovisual projects aimed at European production companies, the most interesting proposal will receive funding to make a pilot episode for broadcast on television and to win over distributors in international markets.

Organizer : Europa Creative, Eiken

Tags : Audiovisual, Television, Ethical values, Prime Time, Lighthouse of voices



  •  Prime time. Cápsula. Rueda de prensa
  •  Prime time. Cápsula. Estreno