2015-04-17 / 2016-09-30 San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa

San Sebastian portrayed through the eyes of fifteen moviemakers. That’s the intention of Kalebegiak, a production involving the participation of time-honoured filmmakers, professionals of recognised trajectory and others taking their first steps in the field. The resulting work will premiere in 2016 at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Kalebegiak seeks to create an innovative relationship between cinema and San Sebastian other than their traditional connection of screenings and festivals. This new focus has the core objective of stimulating local filmmaking production alongside the Larrotxene Cultural Centre, specialising in audiovisual production. Kalebegiak is a multidisciplinary project. Musikene will participate in composing the soundtrack and the University of the Basque Country Faculty of Translation and Interpretation will provide the subtitles to guarantee linguistic diversity. The overwhelming number of filmmakers existing in a region as small as ours deserves particular reflection in the ECoC programme.


Organizer : Donostia Zinemaldia, San Sebastián - Donostia 2016

Tags : Cinema, Projection, Expression, Kalebegiak, Moriarti Produkzioak


  • Recording the royal whale
  • Recording the blind spot


  •  Kalebegiak. Rueda de prensa
  •  Kalebegiak. Casting