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After the fantastic reception enjoyed by the education programme during 2016/17, Tabakalera decided this year to strengthen and consolidate the initiative as one of the main lines of work within the cultural project.

Tabakalera’s eduaction team is at the helm of this cross-cutting programme which touches all areas of the cultural project, some of which have their own mediation initiatives.  The exhibitions, the cinema and audiovisual projects, Hirikilabs and Ubik fall into this category.

Mediation is one of the central concepts of Tabakalera’s cultural project, aiming to create relationships and dialogue between the cultural programme and the variety of agents and contexts around it.  Hence, this year, Tabakalera will broaden and consolidate its programmes geared towards the education community (schools, associations, students and teachers), the 0-6 community (children aged 0-6 and their families), young people and the general public. 

Given the fantastic response to the 2016/17 mediation programme, the initiatives within it will be strengthened this year with the aim of reaching more agents and continuing to consolidate links with the local community.

Education community

The theoretical and practical workshop REC: Experimental Cinema will be extended this season.  Aimed at groups from the 3rd and 4th year of secondary school, upper secondary school and vocational training centres, this programme uses the audiovisual world as a tool for building and visualising methods of self-representation. The programme comprises four sessions: a screening session; making recordings with mobile devices or cameras; editing; and lastly, a discussion session.

School Peripheries: In response to the numerous requests received to date from various locations across the province, the call for proposals aimed at the education community has this year opened up a second category for schools across Gipuzkoa. The call seeks to build long-term alliances between schools and Tabakalera, with the principal aim of reflecting on relationships between the school community and its surroundings, as well as strengthening these through an education process linked to contemporary culture and artistic practice. It’s about understanding context as a place for learning and action.
Projects brought forward by two schools — Txirrita de Hernani and Arizmendi de Eskoriatza — chosen in the 3rd round will be developed this year.
The period for submitting proposals for the 2018/19 session will run from May 2nd to 31st 2018.

Teachers programme: Using the interest identified in previous years amongst the teaching community as a starting point, this year’s programme proposes a new group made up of education stakeholders to discuss, reflect upon and research aspects of feminism and teaching. The goal is to share experiences, think collectively, create transferable training tools and generate a common framework for joint debate.

The inaugural session on November 20th will serve to establish the group and as a space for starting to plan the sessions for throughout the year. Three meetings are planned for the 2017/18 session, the first coinciding with Feministaldia 2017 (Festival of Feminist Culture). The remaining two are to be agreed by the group itself. 
The mediation department has scheduled a meeting for teachers on Wednesday October 4th (11:00 in Basque and 17:00 in Spanish) to explain the education community programme in detail.

Programmes for young people

Harrotu ileak, which started last year, is conceived as the first contact between the educators and the young people who use the building. After a first encounter, the challenge this year is to continue strengthening this relationship. Every Friday Tabakalera will host workshops on its fifth floor involving artists and musicians who will work with these young people on sound, the body or video. In addition to generating a space for collective action, the project aims to rethink how young people use the building’s common areas, thus enabling a more harmonious coexistence and an institutional reflection on how these public spaces are used and by whom.

Memory and Tabakalera

Archiveras. Meetings with ex-workers from the tobacco factory have continued throughout the year, as part of the Mañana Goodbye project. The initiative has been taken forward in the Tabakalera archive, driven by the enthusiasm for the project and the cigarette makers themselves. This year's gatherings will take place every two weeks, with the overall goal of exhibiting the archive in summer 2018. Artist Sahatsa Jauregi will take part in the project to help realise this goal. Amongst the activities offered in the parallel public programme is a talk by Mariló Fernández (LaFundició) on the recovery of memory, on November 16th and 17th.

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