Janka is on the verge of puberty. One day she goes to dance practice with her friend Zorana. While Zorana is preoccupied with topics such as kissing, new clothes, and parties, Janka is trying to retain her childish innocence for as long as possible. But she can't escape the inevitable changes every girl has to undergo.

Nikica Zdunić (direction) ; Tajana Bakota (production) ; Nikica Zdunić (script) ; Denis Golenja (editing) ; Kimekai (score) ; Mario Pucic (photograph) ; Nika Dolušić, Klara Kovačić, Nataša Dangubić (interpeter) ; Croatia ; 2017 ; Selected short film

Subtitles in English

21 min. : kol. ; 134 MB ; MP4


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