Another nearly-ordinary winter day in the life of 64-year-old Doron, director of a municipal home for the aged: the rain is pouring, someone nabbed his reserved parking spot, and Bela Schorr, occupant of Room 212, passed away that morning.

Boaz Frankel (direction) ; Uri Smoly (production) ; Boaz Frankel (script) ; Boaz Frankel (editing) ; Rei Elbaz (score) ; Rei Elbaz (photograph) ; Moshe Ivgy, Lillian Barreto, Yair Raufman, Ronen Davidov, Samira Saraya, Adi Avrahami, Sasi Mato, Yehuda Cohen (interpeter) ; Israel ; The Sam Spiegel Film and TV School - Jerusalem (JSFS) (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film

Subtitles in English

20 min. : kol. ; 130 MB ; MP4


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