Find fix finish


Find fix finish

"In Afghanistan, I saw a couple making love on a roof": we know very little of the day-to-day work of the pilots carrying out "targeted assassinations" with military drones. Three Americans agreed to testify in voiceover about their experience, which is paradoxically one of intimacy and cruelty, over aerial images that they could have filmed themselves, to "Find, Fix, Finish" 

Sylvain Cruiziat , Mila Zhluktenko (direction) ; Veronika Faistbauer,
Mariella Santibáñez (production) ; Mila Zhluktenko, Sylvain Cruiziat (script) ; Sophie Oldenbourg (editing) ; Nikolai Huber (photograph) ; Germany ; HFF Müchen (school) ; 2017 ; Selected short film

20 min. : kol. ; 129 MB ; MP4


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