Artistentzako lantegia = Taller para artistas = Artists' workshop

2017-07-10 / 2017-10-30 Workshop < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Artistentzako lantegia = Taller para artistas = Artists' workshop

Tabakalera launches a training programme for artists based on the concept of transit, a gap in space and time that invites the traveller to pass through it from a point of entry to its exit. Ideally, this journey has to be capable of generating a transformative space, a place of change. The programme invites participants to pause and step out of their work rhythms or from the practice itself to contemplate their work from a distance, for a period of time, and to evaluate it under different conditions.

Itziar Okariz and Jon Mikel Euba will jointly deliver what is the first edition of this workshop. It is a dialogue between artists which reflects on the role of plastic languages in producing symbols, and as a tool for transforming them. As part of an exercise that analyses technical questions surrounding artistic practice, each of the artists will set specific tasks which highlight the similarities and differences in their approaches.

The workshop aims to help the participants to develop and reflect on their own work. It will emphasise strategies for reflection and self-critique, and which enable individual subjectivity, increase participants’ freedom and encourage their motivation to work. 

Okariz and Euba will deliver this training programme collaboratively whilst staying true to their own approaches, thus giving the participants diverse viewpoints and practices to work with. 

The programme is aimed at anyone with a firm wish to create and produce something. It will strengthen aspects of their existing process or help them to create one. The workshop requires no specific experience in any discipline, irrespective of where participants are in their professional and artistic journey.

The event will mainly be held in the Artist’s Space studio in Tabakalera. Participants will enjoy access to this common area and will also have their own studio through to August 15th, after the workshop period has finished. ...

Organizer : CICC - Tabakalera

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