Arduinoa ezagutu = Conoce arduino = Getting to know arduino

2017-10-07 / 2017-10-28 UBIK. Tabakalera Creation Library < Tabakalera < San Sebastián < Gipuzkoa
Arduinoa ezagutu = Conoce arduino = Getting to know arduino

If we had the opportunity to create a device or a robot, what functions and skills would we include in it? We have Arduino programmable chips are at our disposal. You can also program them: an umbrella that forecasts the weather, smart allotments, home automation management systems for a house... 

In this workshop, we took the first steps into the world of Arduino and programmable boards. You didn't need any previous experience to participate. We delved into Arduino and drow on the knowledge available from the online community to take our first steps. You had access to resources for downloading, modifying and beginning to understand many of the projects available on the Internet. 


Session 1
We looked at the differences between the first Arduino boards and other programmable boards. What can we do with these tools? Basics of Arduino programming.

Session 2
We analysed Arduino digital/analogue I/O. What are sensors? What type of data can we gather? Practical exercises with different types of sensors. 

Session 3
Arduino enables us to run different actuators: engines, water pumps, loudspeakers, lights, transmitters...We  looked the different guidelines for different devices and conduct practical exercises with some of them. 

Session 4
We created a final project using everything we had learned in the previous sessions.